been playing Vilmonic most of the weekend and I feel like maybe I am just missing something because so far either everything just dies early on, or the island just explodes with life and new shit starts evolving all over the place, and I feel like my actions aren't really influencing things towards one outcome or another. I'll keep poking at it, because I definitely don't feel like I've figured out all there is to it yet.

I really really love the idea of evolution games but nothing I've ever played has really quite got the... thing that I want? I want to be able to go like “Hey I'm gonna put a bunch of fast-moving predators in this area” or “Hey I'm gonna increase the rainfall here” and then just... see what that does to the ecosystem and how the life forms adapt to that. I don't really even want goals or success/failure, I just wanna play God and see what kind of weirdness simulated evolution can come up with. I feel like Vilmonic might do some of that, once I get a bit better at it? But actually, the closest thing I've found so far to what I'm looking for is this browser game.

You can crossbreed flowers. You can sort of introduce environmental pressures, in that you can decide to go 'okay, every generation I'm gonna kill off the two shortest/brightest-coloured/leafiest plants' and watch as the plants evolve to get taller/duller/less-leafy. (You have to do that by manually identifying and killing them, you can't automate it, but still.) Or you can leave them alone and see what random chance evolves them into. It's relaxing and lowkey fascinating and I love it and if Vilmonic comes close to that with its weird cute little animals and fungoids I'm probably gonna end up obsessed with it.