but i don't know if i will ever be able to make these things that are dark and weird and poetic and strange and mysterious. there's so much incredible stuff out there, twine games and interactive fiction and visual novels in these incredible strange settings that are beautiful or horrifying or both and i love them but

i don't know if that's, like, in me. or rather, i don't know if it's in me in a way that can come out into stories and narratives and art of my own, rather than just responding to it when i see it in other people's work.

maybe the only things i can create will be little and sweet and fluffy and, honestly, kind of twee. maybe i can tell small, hopeful, little queer love stories and tiny escapist moments like something from a kid's bedtime story, and maybe someone might find them a little bit distracting or comforting or whatever for a while.

maybe that's ok?