i don't really know why i did this, but for some weirdass reason i saw itch.io's flatgame jam and i wanted to enter it.

so i have.

check out this terrible piece of trash.

no, really, it's just super tiny, and pointless, and all you do is move around a screen covered in bad, hand-drawn scribbles of sealife and rocks

and i should absolutely not be proud of myself for making it, but i... kind of am? i'm not proud of the game; it's really fucking bad. but i'm somehow proud of myself for making something, anything. for pushing through brainfog and figuring out how to make construct2 do the very simple, very basic things i wanted it to do. for finding the time, in between being a disabled parent with a fucked up brain, to draw some quick, silly sketches of something from this last year that made me happy. and for actually putting it up online as part of the jam instead of going 'oh, no, this sucks, i can't make the things i wish i could make so i won't do anything at all'.

yeah. fuck that. i did something! :D