so the idea for this was that i'd write about whatever games i was playing that week and just, i don't know, probably be enthusiastic about them. maybe other stuff. idk.

i love platform games and miney-crafty games and anything you can possibly play as a farming sim. if there's the option to grow crops in it, i will end up doing nothing else... though oddly, with the exception of stardew valley, i usually don't really like actual dedicated farming sim games. much more fun to build a weird 2d vertical farm in starbound and run around doing errands for your colony members and selling carrots to the space shops.

i'm not actually good at platform games, or most genres. fuck it. who cares about getting good? if i love something enough i'll usually persist with it long enough to struggle through to the end, but i'm never gonna pretend i'm particularly good. when i see all that 'SUPER FIENDISHLY HARD' stuff in a game's description it doesn't exactly add to the appeal for me. sure, i love celeste and spelunky, but honestly? i wouldn't love them any less if they were juuuust a tiny bit easier.

so uh, yeah, that's me: i suck at games but mostly love them anyway and i'd like to try to write things down instead of just rambling to myself in my own head. hi.