yeah, i know i forgot this blog existed for several months but let's just disregard that (nobody reads it anyway!)

this year i am going to try to FINALLY clear some of my game backlog! i have so many really good games that I haven't played and I want to.

the thing is, it's just so hard to focus sometimes, especially if they're difficult and require a lot of concentration, or they're heavily story-driven and have a lot of cutscenes. I don't really know a way around that, short of suddenly having inexhaustible energy and possibly access to ADHD meds, so i guess i will just try to push through as much as possible when i can.

games to start: – Hollow Knight, which is supposed to be really hard and really good – Graveyard Keeper, which my awesome partner got me for christmas – The Walking Dead, which I have actually technically started but only a tiny bit. I binge-read the comics while really sick with flu earlier this month, but have heard the games are actually better – Crea. Mmm, delicious Terraria-alikes.

games to attempt to finish, or at least progress in: – Life Is Strange. I have managed to avoid spoilers and I really want to know how it ends. – Portal 2, because I'm the last person on earth who hasn't finished it. – FUCKING SPELUNKY THIS IS THE YEAR I FINISH YOU – Baba Is You. might need some hints but I'm gonna try. – maybe the goose game?? – The Sexy Brutale. time to finish this fucker and find out what's going on. – Cultist Simulator. I was playing this all the time before I got sick and couldn't focus on it, i want to pick it back up. – idk, maybe I should do something with Skyrim other than murderhobo my way around the country stabbing people and stealing their stuff – Gorogoa. I actually stopped playing this on purpose because it was so lovely I didn't want it to be over, but i think maybe it's time. – Celeste! maybe I'll cave and use the easy settings just to increase the chance of ever actually finishing it. – The Iconoclasts. supposed to be really good though I found the controls hard to use. – Heaven Will Be Mine. i have absolutely no excuse for not having already finished this, and i loved the absolute fuck out of We Know The Devil so, you know, gonna do this.